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How to Install and Use:

Step 1:
Download and unzip the PS4MouseToController program from above, then install PS4 Remote Play from the official PlayStation site.
Step 2:
Make sure your PC and PS4 are both on and connected to the internet.
Start the PS4 Remote Play program, then start the PS4MouseToController program.
Step 3:
PS4 Remote Play will prompt you to press the "options" button on your controller. Press the key associated with the "options" button from PS4MouseToController (the Escape key by default).
That's it!
Enjoy PS4MouseToConroller a number of ways: connect your HDMI from the PS4 to your PC and play on your monitor, or connect your HDMI from your PS4 to your TV and play on your TV using your mouse and keyboard.

Best Control Settings

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