Here you can find information regarding possible PS4MouseToController issues, FAQ, or help.
This is normal behavior, it should do this so that your mouse movements can be simulated in Remote Play. If you need to disable your mouse so that you can use your PC, you can use windows shortcuts such as Alt+Tab to switch to PS4MouseToController, then uncheck the "Enable Mouse" option.
It's possible that your mouse/keyboard failed to connect to Remote Play through PS4MouseToController. Try these steps:
1. Ensure that your PS4 controller is NOT connected to your PC. This will interfere with the simulated controller by PS4MouseToController.
2. Start Remote Play, then start PS4MouseToController. Press ESC (by default) to connect to your PS4.
3. Mouse/keyboard still not working? Close Remote Play first, which will close PS4MouseToController.
4. Repeat step 2 above.
5. Still not working? This time, close PS4MouseToController first, which will close Remote Play. Then, retry.
This is a known bug that happens very rarely. I can't track it down as it doesn't happen to me, but luckily there is a fix found by PS4MouseToController users:
Change your mouse click bindings. These are the drop-downs on the bottom-right of the PS4MouseToController window. This should fix your keyboard keys.
First, I suggest watching the YouTube videos. You can find these here.
If you've already followed the videos, changing your in-game settings and messing with your Max Makeup values, then try these steps:

- What is your Response Rate while using your mouse in Remote Play? (This is the value in the PS4MouseToController window title). This is how fast, similar to FPS, your PC communicates to your PS4.
If this value is 300+, this is great and not the problem. If this value is 200-300, this is fine but not great. If this value is less than 200, this is bad. To increase this value, try the following steps:
1. Ensure your PC isn't running intensive programs that might be using up your CPU or internet speed. It's best to close any running programs except PS4MouseToController and Remote Play.
2. Connect your PS4 or PC to Ethernet. Connect both to Ethernet if possible.
3. If you're using an i5 CPU or anything slower, this issue might be related to having a slow PC.

- What is your Max Makeup value? If this is 0, you will definitely have a problem with a laggy mouse. Try messing with this value. For reference, mine is set to 300 but this might depend on your mouse and screen size. The YouTube videos mentioned above should help you figure this out.

- I highly suggest changing your mouse's DPI value and setting the PS4MouseToController sensitivity to 1. If your DPI is set to some very large number (mine is set to 12,000), then your mouse movement on your PS4 should feel really smooth. Note that this will make using your mouse on your desktop extremely fast, so I recommend (but it's not required) getting a mouse with the option to toggle between DPI values (my mouse has a button I can click to switch between these).
You'll need a license to use PS4MouseToController. You can find pricing and purchase one in your account settings (the Account tab when you login on this site) or on the Features tab here.

If this is your first time using PS4MouseToController, you can also get a free trial by creating an account. Once you download and install PS4MouseToController on Windows, open it. It'll likely tell you that you don't yet have a license on start-up. Once you sign in on the app using the login info you created on this website, if you haven't already had a trial or license it'll ask if you want to start one. Simply press the Yes button for your free trial.

If you have purchased a license and you're still getting this error, then perhaps there was some issue with your card settlement. Contact us so we can help figure out the issue.
Don't see your issue listed? Contact us so we can help! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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